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PA Systems | PA Systems

PA Systems


Royal Fires & Security Systems  provides its innovative and customized solutions for the customer’s public addressing requirements. We offer a broad range of public address systems including the voice evacuation systems of different internationally repute brand like Bosch, Ahuja,TOA etc. We design the solution as per the clients requirement at the most optimum price.

Special Features

Public Address (PA) Systems play a vital role in crisis management and co-coordinating response actions  in a public place, crowded areas, markets, railway stations, offices, hotels etc. They are important for crowd management and aid in directing people to safety. PA systems can also be used for addressing entire workforce/ visitors simultaneously or for delivering centralized piped background music or for any other purpose.

Technical Specifications

Public Address System is an electronic amplification system with a amplifier and loudspeakers used to reinforce a sound source.

Components of a typical PA system are:

  • Microphone with Zone Selector
  • Amplifiers, Routers, Controllers
  • Background Music System (BGM)
  • Loudspeakers – Wall mounted, Ceiling mounted, Horn type, etc.